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Rafi OurfalianFor over 35 years Ourfalian & Ourfalian has successfully represented thousands of individuals and small businesses throughout Southern California. Formerly known as the “Law Offices of Rafi Ourfalian,” Ourfalian & Ourfalian is a small boutique civil litigation firm that has distinguished itself through its professionalism and commitment to its clientele.

The partners, associate attorneys, and the professional staff at Ourfalian & Ourfalian take pride in their work and have built a thriving practice by helping families and businesses cope with our complex legal world, while at the same time affording them first-class legal representation which ordinarily is only available to large corporations.

Ourfalian & Ourfalian has a vast network of associates in many specialties to help support its clients’ needs. True to their avowed goals and principles, Ourfalian & Ourfalian presents the best legal services available with the state of the art technology at a very reasonable cost. The firm continuously strives to the highest standards in the profession. The firm specializes in Personal Injury/Civil Litigation, General Business/Business Litigation, and Trademarks/Copyrights.

“Ask our clients about us … We are a firm for all your legal needs.”


Formerly known as the “Law Offices of Rafi Ourfalian”, the firm has been in existence since 1981. Rafi’s solo practice located on Avenue of The Stars in Century City grew to a respectably sized small law firm in a few short years and boasted a dozen attorneys and a staff of 20+ legal professionals in less than a decade!

In 1989 the firm relocated to Toluca Lake – Burbank into the Burbank Tower building, right in the heart of the Media District.

In 1998, seizing upon an exceptional opportunity, the firm moved to a convenient location in downtown Glendale at 205 East Broadway and shortly thereafter renamed itself to Ourfalian & Ourfalian.

In 2009, the firm relocated to its current location at 700 N Brand Blvd. in Glendale.

From its inception, the firm championed the rights of individuals and small businesses as well as immigrant rights. Ourfalian & Ourfalian, in addition to its legal contributions to society, has always been at the forefront of professional businesses contributing to and championing worthy causes, believing that we can all make a difference.


There is a distinct culture at Ourfalian & Ourfalian that is not easy to characterize but is felt every day by the firm’s employees and clientele. Words such as professionalism, reliability, integrity, and commitment come close but do not give the full picture.

The daily excitement of new situations to be addressed, the warm and friendly feel of the offices, the team spirit, and the willingness to go beyond the call of duty come closer still.

The conveniently located, technologically satiated, highly skilled, and well respected also shed light.

One thing is for certain! When you ask our clients about us they will all ascribe many positive characteristics to Ourfalian & Ourfalian and they will all do it differently and in their own way but they all will be truthful and accurate!


Throughout the years Ourfalian & Ourfalian has presented opportunities for many qualified associates and other legal professionals. Do you have what it takes? Do you enjoy working in a group setting with skill and dedication? Do you care for coworkers and clients enough?

All employment inquiries and résumé submissions must be made to:

Ourfalian & Ourfalian
-Fax: 818.550.7788


Ourfalian & Ourfalian has chosen an “institutional” approach to advertising. Remaining true to its image and conveying an accurate message of the firm to the public at large, the TV ads, in particular, have been extremely popular and effective in establishing the firm’s identity in the local communities.

The firm’s TV ads are usually high-tech in design and implementation and attract enormous professional interest.

We have included samples of some of our print and TV ads in this section of the website. View them at your leisure and feel free to send us your feedback and comments.

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    Ourfalian & Ourfalian has successfully represented thousands of individuals and small businesses throughout the San Fernando Valley and Southern California over the last four decades. Our experienced attorneys focus on civil litigation which includes but is not limited to helping injury victims get just compensation after serious accidents. There is a distinct culture at Ourfalian & Ourfalian that is not easy to characterize but is felt everyday by the firm’s employees and clientele. Contact our Glendale Personal Injury & Civil Litigation law practice today to schedule a free initial consultation.