Motorcycle Safety Clothing That Could Save Your Life

motorcycle safety clothing

You love to ride your motorcycle in the San Fernando Valley, past favorite sights and attractions, including Mulholland Drive, Lake Balboa Park, and the North Hollywood Arts District. But if you do not wear proper motorcycle safety clothing, you could be seriously hurt if someone hits you.

Read about the most important motorcycle safety clothing below. If you have been in a motorcycle accident because of someone’s negligence, talk to the San Fernando Valley motorcycle accident lawyers Ourfalian & Ourfalian for help. Our attorneys can get you the most compensation for your injuries.

Why Motorcycle Safety Clothing Is Essential

No matter how skilled you are, riding a motorcycle is hazardous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 4,688 riders were killed in crashes in 2013, and 88,000 were hurt. In addition, your motorcycle is not as visible as larger vehicles, and many drivers may only see you once it is too late to prevent a crash. To stay safe, you should wear the following motorcycle safety gear:


Every motorcyclist should have a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Most DOT-approved helmets also are approved by other safety organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Once you locate an approved helmet, be sure that it fits well. It should fit snugly and not move when you shake your head. Also, you need to see clearly out of the sides of the helmet.

Wearing a helmet is the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of survival in an accident. Always wear a helmet and make sure any passengers have one, too.

Eye Protection

Most full-face helmets have a windscreen. However, there are half-face helmets that do not provide eye protection. You may look cool wearing your sunglasses on your bike, but they offer no protection if a rock flies into your face; this often happens when riding behind other vehicles.

There are plenty of motorcycle safety glasses rated by ANSI and others you can wear. Never go without eye protection on a motorcycle!

Tough Clothing

Many motorcyclists say you should dress for the slide, not the motorcycle ride. While some riders never touch the ground in years of riding, there is always a possibility of a severe accident at any moment.

Leather or denim can protect you from serious injury, including road rash. However, if you go to the ER with road rash, the medical staff has to clean the wound with a brush without painkillers. So, always wear durable clothing when riding a motorcycle.


A durable jacket should be part of your riding wardrobe. There are sport rider’s jackets with protectors built into the chest and back. These items should be stitched into the jacket and not in pockets.


You might want to avoid wearing gloves when it is hot outside. But imagine if someone turns left in front of your bike, and you hit the ground. You will try to break your fall with your hands by instinct. Without gloves, you could have devastating hand injuries. In the winter, you can purchase thicker gloves to keep your hands protected and warm.


Purchase motorcycle boots that are tall enough to protect ankles. Opt for boots with low heels and soles that do not skid. Boots are essential because they protect the feet and lower legs from road debris.

Rain Clothes

Do you always want to have to pull over on your bike in the San Fernando Valley when it is raining? Most of us do not! So, you should always have rain gear ready if the weather turns bad. Your rain gear should be light, compact, and easy to put on and off. For motorcyclists, it’s a tad larger to fit over your regular safety clothing. Tight-fitting closures at the ankles, wrists, and neck.


Whether you want riding pants or put on leather over your regular jeans, the most important thing is to have leg protection. It would help if you bought pants that contain leather or Kevlar to provide the most protection in an accident. Also, you can purchase pants that have extra protection in the hips and knees. If nothing else, wear the heaviest jeans in your closet when on your motorcycle.

It would help if you also considered the insurance you have for your motorcycle. Experts recommend buying a motorcycle insurance policy with coverages that fit your needs and lifestyle. Many riders think their standard auto insurance policy covers them adequately, but that is often different. Some features of a motorcycle policy to look for are:

  • Coverage for safety gear
  • Additional coverage for a sidecar or custom paint job
  • Towing and roadside help if your bike breaks down
  • Trip interruption protection if your motorcycle breaks down when you are away from home
  • Replacement coverage if the bike is totaled

Remember to talk to a personal injury attorney if you are hurt in a motorcycle accident. You could have serious injuries and losses and will need as much compensation as possible to recover.

Contact San Fernando Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. However, if you wear the motorcycle safety clothing mentioned in this post, you can often avoid serious injuries in an accident.

However, how will your medical bills and other expenses be paid if you are in an accident and have severe injuries? You could need months of rehabilitation that costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

San Fernando Valley motorcycle accident lawyers Ourfalian & Ourfalian have the experience and skill to fight for your rights after an accident. You deserve compensation if you have medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our attorneys represent clients in Encino, Alhambra, Arcadia, Burbank, Glendale, El Monte, Granada Hills, Los Angeles, Monterey Park, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Van Nuys, and surrounding communities in Southern California and the San Fernando Valley. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation at: (818) 550-7777.