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What Are the Most Common Serious Injuries In Car Accidents?

A car accident is always stressful and upsetting, but sometimes, there are serious injuries that can turn your life upside down. If someone hits you and you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Some of the most serious auto accident injuries are described below. If you need legal assistance after an accident, please contact the Glendale personal injury lawyers at Ourfalian & Ourfalian today.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injuries are often challenging to diagnose. Any impact to the head in a crash can be life-altering and even fatal. Because passengers and drivers are usually not ready for a crash, it is difficult to protect your head in a split second.

A mild TBI may cause headaches, dizziness, slurred speech, etc. traumatic head injury can cause long-term cognitive and motor problems. If you injure your head in an accident, you may need hundreds of thousands in compensation. A Glendale personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Internal Bleeding

Lacerations and bruising are relatively easy to see after an accident. However, internal bleeding can be challenging to detect. If you think you are ‘fine, you may have a life-threatening internal injury.

Internal bleeding may start slowly after a severe accident. You might not notice anything until it is too late. Internal bleeding after car accidents often occurs in the spleen, liver, pancreas, and intestines. You need to have this type of injury addressed immediately or your life could be a risk.

Broken Bones

Broken arms, legs, hips, ribs, hands, and feet are common car accident injuries. Fortunately, many broken bones heal well after a car accident. But some can take months to recover, such as with a fractured hip.

Broken bones are easy to prove, so your attorney may have an easier time with this injury to compensate you for your losses.


Serious burns are another common car accident injury that can change or even threaten your life. Third and fourth-degree burns may happen if there is a car fire. These are burns deep enough to damage bones and muscles. Even a first-degree burn can be fatal if it affects more than 50% of your body.

Spinal Cord Injury

A severe, sudden impact can cause significant damage to the spine and nerves. The resulting injuries are some of the most severe auto accident injuries. In addition, damage to the spinal cord may lead to partial or complete paralysis. If you are paralyzed, you will need costly life-long medical care.

Some estimate lifetime care expenses for spinal cord injury victims are millions of dollars. If you have a spinal cord injury, you should work with the best personal injury attorney in southern California you can find. They will work to obtain every dime they can for your needs, pain, and suffering.

Loss Of Limb

Some car accident victims lose an arm, leg, or hand during the collision. Others lose limbs during medical procedures related to an auto accident. For example, your leg could be crushed in a crash. The surgeon will try to save the limb, but amputation may be the only option if they cannot.

How Much Compensation Can You Get?

When you have a severe car accident injury, a common question is how much money you can get for it in a claim or lawsuit. This depends on many factors, for example:

Whether You Were At Fault

California has a comparative negligence system for determining fault. This means your compensation is reduced according to your level of responsibility. For example, if you have $100,000 in losses for your broken hip and leg and were 10% responsible, your award is reduced by $10,000.

Your attorney will try to prove the other party was at fault as much as possible. However, if you were partially to blame, you would receive less compensation. If you were mostly at fault for the crash, your attorney will probably tell you there is no case.

How Strong The Case Is

It is not enough to say the other driver caused the accident. To receive compensation, you need to prove it. Your attorney’s job is to gather evidence to prove the driver’s liability.

Whether You Settle Or Go To Court

The choice of whether to settle or file a lawsuit or not is one of your most important decisions. Most car accident cases end in a settlement because it is advantageous for both sides to avoid a lawsuit.

However, if you take a settlement, you agree to take less money than you could receive in a lawsuit. While you could get more money in court, nothing is certain, and lawsuits take months or even years.

Most injured parties settle to avoid legal expenses and long court battles. But if the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, your attorney may recommend going to court.

Your attorney will lay out the advantages and disadvantages of going to court or settling. In the end, it is up to you, though.

California Has A Two-Year Statute Of Limitations

As you decide on legal steps after an accident, remember that California has a two-year statute of limitations. This means you have only two years to file a personal injury lawsuit from the accident date. Therefore, you should contact a Glendale personal injury attorney as soon as possible, so there is plenty of time to build a case.

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